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Weeknote 07/2014


This week I’ve been:

  • Recovering from last week‘s Webmaker workweek in a Toronto. The jetlag seems to have been particularly bad going forwards this time around.
  • Finding somewhere to live. Our proposed move to Gozo fell through, but we decided to exchange contracts on our house regardless. Thankfully, we’ve found somewhere to rent and are moving this weekend!
  • Finishing (with Karen Smith) the draft of a new Mozilla white paper for Webmaker and Web Literacy. It’s being reviewed but should be available next month sometime.
  • Presenting, via a Google+ Hangout, the closing keynote at the UCISA Changing Landscapes conference. My slides are here.
  • Getting to grips with Bugzilla to open and close tickets relating to interactions the #TeachTheWeb team needs to have with other teams at Mozilla.
  • Responding to comments from reviewers on a book proposal to (hopefully) get it through an editorial board.
  • Writing an article to be published in a new location (more details when it’s been launched).
  • Packing up all my worldly possessions (including my home office) while continuing an attempt to work productively.
  • Moderating/curating this week’s Webmaker Community team call.
  • Taking Friday off to pack things up and move things around.

Next week I’ll be unpacking, spending some of half-term with my children, and figuring out which conferences to attend. Note that I’m still going to try and curtail my speaking engagements until September: I need to write and think of new things to say! 😉

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3 thoughts on “Weeknote 07/2014

  1. #nogogozo Chance for you to try Scotland ? (Lively chitchat now on BBC Parliament in a discussion on Scottish Currency in 2014)

      1. Hmmm you’ll have to wait til Sept for the vote. There’s some informed discussion on the currency via this tweet: Checking out “Eko Independence for Aberdeen” on Aberdeen Business Network: Commu:

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