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Weeknote 08/2014


This week I’ve been:

  • Taking Monday and Tuesday off work due to…
  • Moving house. Not only a majorly traumatic and emotional event at the best of times, but both my wife and I were ill with cold/flu symptoms. Joy. And we’ve got it all to do again fairly soon when we buy somewhere and move out of rented accommodation.
  • Dealing with a backlog of email.
  • Sorting out the tags to use for people aligning with the Web Literacy Map. You can give your feedback here (it’s always good for someone to point out that ‘#IPAddresses’ looks a lot like ‘iPad dresses’…)
  • Scoping out my work for the next few months with Michelle Thorne and adding it to Trello boards.
  • Booking flights for the Mozilla All-Hands in San Francisco (April).
  • Catching up with Adam Lofting about appropriate metrics to demonstrate improvement in web literacy skills and competencies. Tricky.
  • Attending my usual weekly calls, which was more challenging than it sounds given I’ve had to do that over a flaky 3G connection.
  • Preparing for an NWP webinar on The Past, Present and Future of Web Literacy (next Tuesday, free)
  • Starting work on a roadmap for Webmaker badges (on hold now for a bit) and talking to colleagues from both the Open Badges team and my team about it.
  • Tidying up the background information for the Web Literacy Map. The latter should be updated on sometime soon.

Next week I’m working from home all week.

Image CC BY-NC-SA Brian Carson

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