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Weeknote 17/2023

Brightly coloured training shoes

Our daughter was away this week for her first-ever residential trip with school. The previous ones she should have gone on were cancelled due to the pandemic. She seems to have had a great time at Loch Eil, abseiling off part of Ben Nevis, canoeing to a place to wild camp, and doing kinds of other things including zip wires, crate stacking, etc.

She wasn’t back in time for her football team leaving for a tournament in Skegness on Friday. We assumed she’d be too tired to play any part in it, but it turns out we were wrong. So tomorrow we’re heading down for the day, leaving our son behind to revise. He’s been playing football and basketball today.

I’ve been back to work this week after walking half of The Pennine Way during my three weeks off work. So my focus there has been getting back up-to-speed with client projects, including some for — as well as booking a WAO trip to MozFest House in Amsterday in June.

But Hannah and I have had another focus this week, which is preparing our house for a valuation and viewing. We moved into our current house nine years ago, initially renting it after our move to Gozo fell through. After deciding to buy it, and then converting the loft, we’ve had it on the market a couple of times since then. The most recent was a couple of years ago, just before the second pandemic lockdown.

Our house isn’t actually on the market yet, as we were planning to wait until after our eldest has finished his GCSEs. However, an opportunity came up to get it ready for a viewing for someone moving back to the area. Even if they decide against it, we’ve got it back to a decent level ready for putting it on the market in a couple of months’ time.

So, along with slowly returning to the gym and getting back to my exercise regime, it’s felt like quite the week! This is a long weekend with the Early May Bank Holiday, which is International Workers Day and the day when we celebrate seven years of our co-op being in existence. I’m looking forward to getting back to running next week, as well as having a bit more of a normal rhythm. Of course I won’t be celebrating the coronation next weekend, for many reasons, including this one.

Update: it was a long, 17-hour day, but our daughter’s team won the tournament!

Photo of some Nike Air Max training shoes I bought in the sale a few months ago, and decided to wear to the gym this morning for the first time!

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