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Weeknote 16/2024

I’m typing this on my Pixel Fold as a bit of a test to see whether blogging might work well on here. I’ve a keyboard on the bottom screen and the edit window on the top. Seems OK so far, although I can’t really touch-type.

We’ve moved house! In the end, we managed to get 99% of our stuff transferred to the new place on Friday, as then went back for the rest yesterday. We’ve for a few days left on our ease for the temporary place so we can go back and clean.

Unsurprisingly, moving house is tiring, expensive, and a huge hassle. Especially when you sell, rent for a bit, and then buy, meaning two moves instead of one. However, I think we’ve done a good job, and the new place is going to be great for us. It’s so quiet!

This last week was my third week of holiday so I’ll be back to work tomorrow. As I me mentioned last week, I’ve written the end of module assessment for my MSc, so I’ll check through that and get it submitted.

My temporary home office is in the utility room. It’ll be fine for now. Next week, I’m not sure what I’ll have on, as I’ve been away for so long. Probably getting my head back into existing projects and doing some business development.

Photo: last load of the van heading to our new house!

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