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Weeknote 11/2024

At twenty the will rules; at thirty the intellect; at forty the judgment.

Baltasar Gracián
An AI-generated black and white 'photo' of standing stones featuring lens flare from the sun

The above ‘photograph’ isn’t real. It’s an AI-generated image that I created this morning, one of six that I’ve generated with Midjourney as part of a collection entitled Mist and Mythos: Constructed Landscapes. I used GPT-4 to create the fictional place names and descriptions.

I’m not feeling well today, which I guess is why I generated the above. I’ll soon begetting back to walking and camping, this was a somewhat-creative way of looking forward to that. I’ve marked all of these as fictional generated, for the avoidance of doubt.

I haven’t really got the energy to point out that here I published ‘Manifesting’ work and TB872: Preparing for 1:1 meeting with my tutor. Over at Thought Shrapnel I published a bunch of things, but I’ll just draw your attention to one which was the result of a rant on social media: Be careful what you wish for.

My MSc work is at the stage where I’m summarising academic articles and pulling out relevant quotations. I was going to do some more this weekend but… I didn’t.

Next week, it’s a reasonably-normal week. I think I’m going to move around my time off to take off both Easter weeks that our kids have off school. I’m heading to the University of St Andrews open day with my son during the first week of the holidays, and there’s a chance we’ll be moving house during the second week.

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