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‘Manifesting’ work

I’ve just been catching-up with someone who WAO has collaborated with before. The word ‘manifesting’ came up in a kind-of-jokey way about the work we want to do together. I’m not a believer in magical thinking, but it did get me thinking about being open and direct about the kind of work that you want to do.

Last year, in a post entitled Practical utopias and rewilding work, we shared the following graphic which shows the kind of areas we’re interested in working.

Five overlapping circles labelled 'Climate Action', 'Open Working', Open Recognition', 'Worker Ownership', and 'Sustainable Work'

We built on this in a post we called Finding the Others. Other than current work with Participate and the Digital Credentials Consortium, and some past work with the Wellbeing Economy Alliance, I guess I’m still looking for ‘the others’.

Just because there’s fewer jobs and consulting opportunities around doesn’t mean there’s less work that needs doing in the world. Look around you: the climate is a disaster, information is in silos, hiring is broken, hierarchical governance is a nightmare, and work is far from being ‘sustainable’.

I want to work on these issues in ways where I get to use what I’m learning through my MSc in Systems Thinking. To be honest, I’m a bit jaded with former clients setting hard boundaries around our work when it depends on other areas of their organisation or sector. Working systemically allows us to take a step back and think bigger-picture.

👋 If you’re reading this and want to have a chat or discuss things further, get in touch! I’m here: [email protected]

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