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Skribit: Suggest topics for me to blog about

SkribitEagle-eyed visitors to this blog may have noticed that I’ve added a widget from Skribit in the sidebar. What is it? :p

The idea of Skribit is to allow frequent visitors to a blog to be able to give some feedback en-masse as to what they’d like to see the blog author write about. Paul Stamatiou, one of the founders of Skribit, expands in a blog post entitled What is Skribit?

Skribit provides bloggers and readers with a unique form of interaction. Bloggers put our widget module on their blog and readers may suggest (anonymously or through an account) article topics through it. Readers can also vote for these topics. However, the widget does not just show the top 5 post suggestions. There is an algorithm behind it that displays suggestions that are hoppinโ€™ based on recency, number of votes and a few other factors.

As a regular reader of Paul’s blog I’m delighted to see, for example, that other readers want him to discuss when he’s likely to update his ‘lightning fast’ WordPress theme entitled 281. Is there anything that you’d like me to blog about, research or give my opinions upon?

Skribit is currently in closed beta, which means you have to request to be part of it. Hopefully it’ll be in public beta shortly. It’s a great idea working well on Paul’s site – check it out! ๐Ÿ˜€

4 thoughts on “Skribit: Suggest topics for me to blog about

  1. Thanks for the post Doug! We’re planning on having a get together with the developers to add some more features soon and hopefully be able to let users style the widget more to their blog’s look.

    1. That’s one of the more interesting blog widgets I’ve seen. Looks like it’d make a neat addition to just about any blog.

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