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Motivation comes from within.

From Skribit, via the Suggestions? tab to the right of this blog:

I’d be more interested in tips to motivate myself to be more productive, rather than the know-how.

Everyone’s different. Here’s what motivates me:

  • Getting stuff finished so I can spend time with my family.
  • Finding something so interesting I want to spend time reading/watching/interacting with it.
  • Quotations.
  • Running and other forms of exercise.
  • Eating more healthily.
  • People smiling at me.
  • Getting enough sleep.

I’m fairly sure that some of that list will apply to you as well. Ultimately, however, motivation comes from within. Focus on the stuff you enjoy doing. If you really enjoy doing it you’ll want to spend as much time as possible doing it. As a consequence, you’ll be motivated to spend less time doing things you don’t enjoy (but have to do).

Or that’s the theory. 😉

WordPress customization

Wordpress PluginsI’ve had a request via Skribit to share tips on how I’ve customized this blog using WordPress plugins and themes. Your wish is my command, as they say! In fact, I did something similar over at here. I still consider this blog a work in progress, but here’s how I’ve customized it so far…

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