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EdTechRoundup podcasts are go!

EdTechRoundup logoAround late October 2007 I called, via Twitter and this blog post, for UK-based educators interested in putting together an educational technology-related podcast to come forward. And they came! This post it to announce the inaugural podcast of the EdTechRoundup network. 😀

What are we about? Well…

EdTechRoundUp is a place where a group of UK-based educators come together for discussion and collaboration around the use of technology in education. We believe in pedagogically-sound uses of educational technology, but don’t believe in ramming Web 2.0 (or anything else for that matter) down people’s throats!

The blog which provides the RSS feed for the podcasts is at You might want to subscribe to this separately from the podcasts as resources and links related to the podcasts will be posted here.

Our planning process at is an open one to which all are invited. We’re not trying exclude people by saying that we’re aiming for UK educators; we’re just addressing a need. There’s some great stuff coming out of the US and for International School people, but a dearth for those of us on these shores. Hopefully the EdTechRoundup series of podcasts will seek to rectify that.

The first podcast is up. We’re not committing to an absolutely regular schedule, but you can expect 1-2 per month. If you’d like to get involved, please do drop by the wiki and join in a FlashMeeting. We hold them most Sundays at 8pm GMT. 🙂

Tom Barrett, a fellow EdTechRoundup-er has spoken of things from his angle here.

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