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Mac OSX: changing spots back to stripes

OSX LeopardI was all set to take my Macbook back to the Apple Store in Meadowhall this evening. For the last couple of months it’s had a really annoying ‘flickering’ problem which gets especially bad when I turn the screen brightness down. I need to do this in the evenings, otherwise I find I get lots of glare from the screen. Must be my old age… 😉

Anyway, as I’m becoming accustomed to doing quite a lot, I reinstalled everything ready to return the Macbook. If it was going to be taken away I didn’t want it to have my details, saved passwords, etc. on it. I reinstalled OSX Tiger (10.4) as that is what came with it originally. Lo and behold! The flickering problem was gone.
So I’m sticking with Tiger. Not just because of that, but because:

  • The ‘quick look’ feature is useful, but not earth-shattering
  • Cover Flow is just eye candy
  • I like the way Leopard auto-connects to my NAS (Network Attached Storage) but I can always do it manually or set up an AppleScript
  • Leopard can’t print to my Lexmark all-in-one printer/scanner/photocopier. It’s not just that it can’t wirelessly print – it doesn’t print to it at all! 😮
  • I don’t use Time Machine anyway; I use JungleDisk.

Anyone want to buy a copy of Mac OSX Leopard? One careful owner, etc. 😉

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