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iPhone apps I currently use.

Building on the success and interest generated by Mac OSX apps I currently use, here’s the apps currently installed on my iPhone (click to enlarge without notes):

Which iPhone apps do you use and wouldn’t like to be without? :-D

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  • Roger Neilson

    No Evernote???? Tsk tsk!

    • Doug Belshaw

      Hmmm… as you’ll see from previous blog posts from 2007/8 I *used* to
      use Evernote quite heavily. Uninstalled it during last clean-out,
      though, as it doesn’t seem to fit into my workflow anymore!

  • nickdaniels

    TuneIn Radio works pretty well.

    • Doug Belshaw

      Thanks Nick – must reinstall the SomaFM app as well (love ‘Groove

  • Bryony Taylor

    How do you jailbrake an iphone and is it a) dangerous and b)illegal?!!!

    My favourite app is ifart – which I really shouldn’t admit in public!

    • Doug Belshaw

      You can find out how to jailbreak your iPhone at It’s not dangerous – if anything goes wrong
      (unlikely) you can just restore it as normal in iTunes! As to it being
      ‘illegal’, it may be against Apple’s terms of service. But then I don’t
      really care about those… :-p

  • Melgibbnz

    I hope you don’t mind but I mentioned this post in my blog – let me know if you want it removed/edited

    • Doug Belshaw

      Of course not! Have you got a link to it? :-)