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Mac OSX apps I currently use.

Michael Arrington (of TechCrunch fame) recently posted his fifth annual list of the tech products he loves and uses every day. Paul Stamatiou updates his Stuff I Use page regularly. People often ask me what apps I use, so here goes in the quickest and easiest way I know how – Flickr with notes*

(if it’s too small to read, you might want to click through!)

* Want to do this yourself? Try this script (which I used) or Mbedr. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Mac OSX apps I currently use.

  1. A good app which has only just caught my eye is Viewfinder.

    It’s a flickr search tool that pulls together CC images and makes the process of downloading them to your computer a little easier. It’s either free (where you wait 30secs before it downloads) or £15 for paid version.

    You might like it as it’s good for finding images to use in blog posts.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Doug. The Movies app has helped my wife and I ‘negotiate’ which movie to watch this evening ‘The Lovely Bones’ or ‘Invictus’ … :0)

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