iPhone apps I currently use.

Building on the success and interest generated by Mac OSX apps I currently use, here’s the apps currently installed on my iPhone (click to enlarge without notes):

Which iPhone apps do you use and wouldn’t like to be without? 😀


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    • Hmmm… as you’ll see from previous blog posts from 2007/8 I *used* to
      use Evernote quite heavily. Uninstalled it during last clean-out,
      though, as it doesn’t seem to fit into my workflow anymore!

  1. TuneIn Radio works pretty well.

  2. How do you jailbrake an iphone and is it a) dangerous and b)illegal?!!!

    My favourite app is ifart – which I really shouldn’t admit in public!

  3. I hope you don’t mind but I mentioned this post in my blog – let me know if you want it removed/edited

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