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#uppingyourgame v0.3 now available!

I’m delighted to announce that v0.3 of #uppingyourgame: an educator’s guide to productivity is now ready! Two chapters are now complete – The Philosophy of Productivity as well as Productivity & Motivation#uppingyourgame is the first book to be published using the OpenBeta publishing model and will be completed over the course of 2010.

Buying into the ideas that this book contains (and will contain) NOW costs £4. You will receive free updates and notifications as each version is published. Buying into the contents means you have access to each subsequent version up to 1.0. If you decide not to purchase now the price will increase as I complete each chapter (and release each version) – up to a maximum of £10.

Once you’ve completed the payment process clicking on the orange button to ‘Return to DAJ Belshaw’ will take you to the download page. 🙂Permanent link to the book’s page at

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