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Weeknote 19/2013

This week I’ve been:

  • Taking a day off. It was Bank Holiday on Monday – a national holiday in the UK. I still however spent 4pm-5pm… <drumroll>
  • Hosting the weekly Web Literacy standard call. We motored through our first pass of defining the skills under the competencies in the ‘Connecting’ strand.
  • Writing a post for Week 1 of the Mozilla #teachtheweb MOOC: How transferable are coding skills to other domains? Why is learning a little code important?
  • Responding to enquiries by people and organisations about integrating with the OBI.
  • Travelling to and from London to meet with Lord Jim Knight and STiR education about using Open Badges for teacher education in India.
  • Enjoying a conversation over lunch London with the ever-enthusiastic Eugenie Teasley from Spark + Mettle.
  • Collating questions about Open Badges and then answering them in this blog post.
  • Suffering from a migraine on Thursday. I couldn’t see much due to the aura so I called it a day about 10:30am. I lay down and listened to podcasts. The Moral Maze episode on The Ring of Gyges was fascinating.
  • Travelling to BBC North in Salford to deliver a session on Open Badges. It went pretty well, but I felt like I wasn’t getting my words out properly or explaining things as well as I usually do. It’s often an issue post-migraine. Slides here.

Next week, after five straight weeks of travelling and hotels, I’m home for the entire week. Woohoo! The week after I’m in Toronto for the Mozilla All-Hands meeting, so plenty to psych myself up for…

Weeknote 13/2013

It’s been a funny old week. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • Speaking to some people (including Charles Miglietti from the excellent about potentially aligning with the Web Literacy standard.
  • Working on my slides for OER13.
  • Submitting an abstract for the PLE13 conference.
  • Attending (Tuesday) and keynoting (Wednesday) the OER13 conference. My presentation was entitled Ambiguity, OER and Open Badges.
  • Suffering from two migraines, leading to me reading Migraine by Oliver Sacks to try and make sense of them. I took Thursday off to recover.
  • Planning a workshop on Mozilla’s Webmaker tools as part of Nesta’s One Day Digital event.
  • Driving up to Edinburgh on Friday afternoon with my family for the Nesta event.
  • Running a workshop with thirteen 12-15 year-olds (7 boys, 6 girls) on Saturday. I still miss teaching, dammit.

Next week it’s Easter Monday so I’ve got a four-day working week. I was going to be running an Open Badges workshop for the BBC in Salford on Friday, but that’s been pushed back to be outside of the Easter holidays (so more people can attend). I’ll be planning my keynote at the PELeCON conference the week after next – which I’m entitling A History of Open Badges through the medium of animated GIFs. 😉

Weeknote #17

This week I have been mostly…

Recovering from a migraine

I know that my migraines are caused by stress, atmospheric pressure, dehydration, blood sugar and (chiefly) the food colouring Annatto. A combination of these factors, especially when it’s overcast, precipitates a migraine for me. I had one on Tuesday evening so had to take Wednesday off work to recover. Horrible.

Working on my Ed.D. thesis

I wrote 5,000 words of the Pragmatic methodology section of my Ed.D. thesis on Bank Holiday Monday. I’m using Scrivener now, so changes aren’t reflected at (yet!)

Finishing #uppingyourgame

I’ve been working on a productivity-focused ebook called #uppingyourgame since the start of the year, using the OpenBeta method I devised. It’s now finished and has been sent to the 49 people who bought into the book whilst it was being written.

Everyone else will be able to purchase it from October 1st when feedback has been received and preparations made!