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Weeknote 01/2024

Photo of older teenagers in a football training session under floodlights on an artificial grass surface.

I’m back to work today and just realised that I didn’t publish a weeknote over the weekend, as I usually would. So this is just a short post for the sake of completeness.

Last week, I did the following:

  • Worked on my MSc and published a number of posts that you can find in this category of my blog.
  • Returned to running after having a bit of a cold and deciding to take it easy at the end of last year. (I’m aiming for 1000km this year, which means doing a 5km, 7.5km, and 10km run each week)
  • Took down the Christmas tree and decorations. We recycled the tree at the local council point.
  • Restarted the parental taxi service taking our two youngsters (they hate being called ‘children’) to their sporting fixtures.
  • Watched the Sunderland vs Newcastle derby. The least said about that the better, as we gifted the Geordies three goals.
  • Planning the time off I’m having off in 2024 and what I’m going to do with it. I might not get to finish walking the Pennine Way this year, alongside my MSc modules, work, and moving house(!)
  • Playing a fair amount of Sniper Elite 5. You’ll be pleased to know I killed Hitler.
  • Gave up drinking alcohol for Dry January. That should be reasonably straightforward, but I also tried giving up refined sugar. My body really didn’t like that, and I had three migraines in four days. So I’m back on the sugar train (although moderately).
  • Switched back to MailPoet for Thought Shrapnel. I may still go with Ghost or
  • Watched a few things on Netflix. We don’t have it all the time, we just pick and choose times of the year to get various streaming services. Except football. We have all of the channels for that.

This week, WAO members are deciding whether to respond to an ITT, getting back into existing client work, and thinking about the work we want to do in 2024. It’s also my daughter’s birthday (a milestone celebration!) so that there’s that to prepare for.

Photo showing how I spend a lot of evenings: standing on the side of a football pitch or basketball court watching my kids train. I love it, except when it’s really cold.

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