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Weeknote 12/2024

Let’s get the whinging out of the way first: this week I’ve been tired and my shoulder has been hurting. This has meant I have done less exercise and eaten more. In turn, this has made me feel worse. Also, it’s been cold.

With that over and done with, let’s talk about what I’ve been up to. On the work front, it’s the current four client projects I’m working on: MIT’s DCC, CSUDH‘s Toro Impact community, ORE, and some user research for Participate. I’d like some more projects to work on, but also I’m taking the first three weeks of April off, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’ve been doing some MSc work this week in preparation for my End of Module Assessment. I’m hoping to get it done before we move house next month, because I don’t want that hanging over me while packing and unpacking boxes.

I published several things on Thought Shrapnel for which I’ve been using generative AI to illustrate the posts. I’ve had complaints, so perhaps I won’t do that any more.

WAO sponsored Matt Jukes’ Internet of Public Service Jobs newsletter this week. Never having had a conventional approach to business development, we simply linked to an free email course providing an introduction to organisational strategy and architecture called How to Unf*ck Your Organisation. It seems to have worked, though, as quite a few people have signed up already.

Next week is a four-day work week due to Good Friday. I’m hoping to get back to lifting weights at the gym. I’m also going to start posting a bit more to both my personal and the new co-op Bluesky accounts.

Image: taken by me on Friday near a school in my home town.

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