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Why we need a learning standard for Web Literacy [DMLcentral]


Update: For the latest information on the Web Literacy standard work, head to

I’m pleased that my latest post for DMLcentral is up. Entitled Why We Need a Learning Standard for Web Literacy I examine how we can best structure ways in which people learn to not only read but write the Web:

When it comes to getting better at using and making the Web the current status quo is problematic for learners. Where do you go if you want to get better at your Web skills? How do you even know what’s important to learn? I would suggest that most of us who count ourselves as ‘Web Literate’ reached that level more by luck than by judgement. I certainly enjoyed the journey, but it’s been an extremely long and meandering path. I think we can do better for learners.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog it’s effectively a repackaged version of what I’ve been banging on about here. Please do add your thoughts on the DMLcentral post – I’ve closed comments here to encourage you to comment over there. 🙂

PS Don’t forget to attend this Thursday’s Web Literacy standard online gathering!

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