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Web Literacies: building on the work of Michelle Levesque

Web Literacy Skills map

On the surface, my main target for this year seems pretty straightforward: write a White Paper on Web Literacies that will be ready for the Mozilla Festival.

This White Paper needs to point to the Web Literacies that Mozilla think people require in order to be webmakers. And that’s where it gets interesting (and difficult). It can’t just be “Doug thinks…”

Thankfully, Michelle Levesque has done a lot of the spadework for me. Here’s a list of her blog posts, earliest first, that got her to this point (where I take over!)

So that’s 32 posts written by Michelle specifically about Web Literacies in eight months (others area about Open Badges and various events) . I’ve been toying with the idea of a separate blog for this but I think, on average, one post per week here on Web Literacies isn’t overkill – is it? 🙂

Image courtesy of Michelle Levesque

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