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Reconfiguring Mozilla’s Web Literacies (v0.1 alpha)

Reconfiguring Mozilla's web literacies using post-its

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I’ve been thinking about web literacy (or web literacies) on and off since I posted a diagram version of Michelle Levesque’s helpful first efforts.

The post-it note arrangement above is the result of a burst of creativity following a migraine earlier. The structure was prompted by some things mentioned by Helen Beetham at a couple of JISC events earlier this week.

I’d love some feedback!

5 thoughts on “Reconfiguring Mozilla’s Web Literacies (v0.1 alpha)

  1. We’re rewriting our ICT/computing/enterprise curriculum after half term.  I love practical aspects of the badges approach.  Feedback will follow!

  2. RE your point above: I wonder if HTML authoring is not a basic skill, due to the ease at which novice users can create content on the web. To this end, authoring may not be at the lower end of the literacies….

    I actually love the post it exercise you’ve done. I wonder to what extent ‘sharing’ is something ‘I Do’ rather than something ‘I Can’ – sharing is almost as fundamental and interrelated as actually accessing. And when we think of Fb, you can’t actually access without sharing (through liking or some other annoying timeline update).

    Looking at the post its, I also find myself wanting to connect some of them together in a bit more of a complex ‘web of literacies’ (see what I done there?). Furthermore, if we create something, collaborating, copying & attribution, ownership, sharing and openness are present. 

    having that impatient and pragmatical side to me, I would love to see this expanded into short courses for staff/students.

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