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Nokia N95: the solution to problems I didn’t even know I had…

Nokia N95

On Saturday I took Ben to Meadowhall and invested – and ‘invested’ is certainly the right word – in a Nokia N95. I’ve mentioned before how I was thinking about buying an iPod Nano to go with my Nike+ trainers and I’ve always fancied having SatNav in the car. My N95 combines both functions – so, to my mind, I’ve actually saved money…

The trouble is, Orange made a huge cock-up when registering my phone, meaning that for a couple of days my mobile number was transferred to some random woman. Fortunately, that’s now sorted out and as I type this I’m on the line to a very helpful guy called Chris who’s sorting things out. Before that, I’ve been through to India, Madagascar, Ireland… Oh well, hopefully it’ll get sorted out soon and I’ll be able to post a thorough review!

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