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Nokia N95: the solution to problems I didn’t even know I had…

Nokia N95

On Saturday I took Ben to Meadowhall and invested – and ‘invested’ is certainly the right word – in a Nokia N95. I’ve mentioned before how I was thinking about buying an iPod Nano to go with my Nike+ trainers and I’ve always fancied having SatNav in the car. My N95 combines both functions – so, to my mind, I’ve actually saved money…

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Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Running - longest route (click to enlarge)

…is the name of a great Daft Punk track, but also my aim in getting fit for this 10km (6.4 mile) ‘dash’ that I’ve signed up for in June. Today I went for a run and, to my surprise, went further than I had anticipated going. According to Google Earth, I went 5.01 miles! Now to many people, I’m sure, that’s nothing, but for me on a Sunday afternoon at my current level of fitness, that’s pretty good.

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