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Weeknote 06/2024

Doug's new trainers with his legs and feet in them on the treadmill

I have not enjoyed this week. If I do end up continuing with my planned MSc in Systems Thinking it will be no thanks to the past few days. On Wednesday, I spent from 7am until midnight working on my latest assignment, only stopping to eat, hit the gym for 30 mins, and participate in a one-hour client meeting. This was after already having spent a decent amount of time on what was, after all, only a 2500 word-limit assessment.

The word limit was the main problem and part of the reason I was still working on it on Thursday morning. Although I managed to get in for the noon (extended) deadline, at this point, I’m not even sure I’ll complete this module, never mind start the next one.

Spending so much time intensively thinking about and working on someone has a knock-on effect in other areas of my life. I haven’t run as far as I wanted to this week (Strava), but broke out my new running shoes anyway. The wet weather didn’t do much for my mood, although our two’s football matches being cancelled over the weekend let me chill out a bit.

On Monday night, we’d booked to see Miles Jupp, who I hadn’t realised had suffered a seizure in 2021 caused by a brain tumour. The evening (which featured an intermission, how quaint!) used the story of his having it removed to tell a series of amusing anecdotes. I realised it was only the second comedy evening my wife and I have been to as a couple, the last one being when we stumbled across a free gig featuring Sara Pascoe.

Thought Shrapnel is now properly set up on with automatically-created weekly digests going out every Sunday. I’ll try and post on there more often, but right now my energy levels are low. We head to Portugal this time next week, so hopefully it’ll be sunnier and warmer. It seems a little pathetic to talk about weather lifting my mood, but of course it does.

Things are progressing with the house move, although our mortgage isn’t finalised because HSBC doesn’t seem to understand how to deal with company directors (me) and contractors (my wife). It might be that we go elsewhere. If we do, I’ll end my 25-year association with them, especially as they’re not the most ethical of organisations. We do most of our day-to-day banking with Starling, anyway.

Next week, I guess I need to get on with Part 3 of module TB872. I’ll probably receive my grade for my most recent assessment which might help my decision on whether to continue with it. I am very much looking forward to my holiday. To be quite honest, I just want to move house, get settled, and get on with my life. I feel like we’re in limbo living in this rental and everything is on hold.

Image: Nike Pegasus Turbo Next Nature on the running machine.

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