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Weeknote 09/2024

Photograph taken through a car window of a swan on the side of the road

It’s been a pretty busy week, between client work, a co-op day, going to the optician and the dentist, recording a podcast, attending a Newcastle Eagles basketball game and catching up with my studies. Thankfully I’ve been able to relax a little as there have been no basketball or football matches for our two this weekend.

I decided last weekend that I would continue with module TB872, the first of my planned MSc in Systems Thinking. That was for two reasons: first, I’ve done the most intense part of it; second, picking it up next academic year would mean having to start from scratch with my ‘situation of concern’.

As part of catching up, I wrote the following:

Along with a bunch of posts over at Thought Shrapnel, I also published Elysium, elites, and elision about the UK government’s planned use of AI to ‘replace’ civil servants.

Next week, Laura‘s away so I’ll be doing less coworking than usual and more solo work. Having said that, Anne and I are running a free online session on community knowledge management as part of Open Education Week. We’ll continue doing some user research for Participate, along with other work we’re doing with them and the Digital Credentials Consortium.

Image: photo taken through my car window of a random swan on the side of the road. I think they must cross from the pond opposite.

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