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Weeknote 33/2023

Modded Apple iPod plugged into Apple iPod Hifi speaker

Yep, nothing to see here this week. Just pulling out of a house purchase after a flood report, test driving four electric cars, looking round some other houses, pulling a tick out of my leg, selling stuff on eBay, ending my Thought Shrapnel hiatus, watching lots of football, doing some packing, and beasting myself fitness-wise so much that my ribs continue to hurt.

I wrote a blog post about how we came to a decision about not going ahead with buying the riverside property. We are, however, going to sell our house which means we either need to find another one quite quickly, or rent for a while. I should imagine we’ll end up doing the latter, although the rental market in Morpeth for family-sized houses is horrendous.

Let’s talk cars. We’ve currently got a Volvo V60 and a VW Up! We’re keeping the latter, which we purchased last year as a run-around and for our son to use when he learns to drive next year. Although I’d potentially prefer to have another hybrid (as we had before the V60) we want to lease it through my business. As the car would qualify as a Benefit In Kind (BIK) we have to bear in mind the BIK rates in which the UK government, quite rightly, taxes purely electric cars much lower than even hybrids.

We narrowed down the options to:

Although I really liked the Polestar 2, the low passenger seating position made my wife feel sick. It wasn’t much better when she was driving. So it looks like we could be going with the Skoda Enyaq iV. I’m not unhappy with this, but it’s a bit… boring. Perhaps that’s OK in my forties.

Tomorrow, I’m looking forward to watching the Women’s World Cup final which features England vs Spain. I think we’ll win quite easily, to be honest. I had predicted Sweden to lift the trophy, although they did cruise past Australia to finish third after the 3rd/4th place playoff earlier today.

Next week, I’m back to work after three weeks off so will be catching up on all of the things. Our son also gets his GCSE results which I’m sure will be fine, but the uncertainty is a bit 😬

Photo of my modded iPod plugged into an Apple iPod Hi-Fi I bought in preparation for my new home office. For now it’s in our lounge.

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