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A year ago, I realised that competing with other people via Strava wasn’t good for my physical or mental health. I wondered about setting up a friendly Fediverse instance for exercise-related updates and chat. This turned into, running on Pixelfed.

A year later, I’ve posted screenshots of most of my runs there, as well as swims and gym sessions. Other people have done likewise about the different activities they’re into. One person in particular (@ryancoordinator) has been using it every day.

It was only yesterday that I was once again describing how I subscribe to the SOFA principle of starting things but not necessarily keeping them going. So I’m delighted that, at a time when I was thinking of shutting it down, Ryan has volunteered to take over the ownership and running of We’re currently in the midst of handing things over, but I’m really pleased that it will keep going.

Ryan has experience of running all kinds of platforms and events, so I think that the site is in good hands. If you’re interested in joining, registrations remain open!

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