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Macbook woes

Steve Jobs - thumb down

I’m having MAJOR problems with my Macbook at the moment. It’s on its third ‘logic board’ at the moment and has just died again. I’ve just spent c.45 mins with AppleCare trying to resolve the issue and have told them I want a refund. They’re going to contact the Apple Store in Meadowhall, Sheffield, to see if they’ll do just that.

They’d better. I bought it late June 2006 and since then I’ve:

  • Taken it in due to discolouration of the plastic surround (they also replaced the logic board as a matter of course)
  • Returned it due to a faulty ‘reed switch’ which prevented it going to sleep.
  • Taken it back to replace the logic board when it wouldn’t respond.
  • Vented my spleen today at Apple employees when all they would do is replace the logic board a third time instead of replace it.

Whilst the people on the phone at AppleCare were very apologetic and offered me a refund, I’ve had enough. I can take flakiness when you buy cheap. But this was expensive – in fact I’m still paying it off. I think I’ll invest in a dual-core version of my wife’s wonderful Lenovo laptop. IBM reliability without a huge price tag.

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