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My (finely crafted) information environment


There’s sea of information and knowledge out there. I do the best I can, strapping together several planks by way of information channels into a raft to stay afloat. I thought I’d share those here – both online and offline sources – and I’m definitely open to suggestions and comments!


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News/Current Affairs

Productivity tips

If I had to choose one of these it would be It’s just an aggregator of the RSS feeds from the most popular URLs on the Internet, but what a site! There’s always something linked to there that’s worth reading! I don’t read much in the way of printed matter any more. Gone are the days when I’d subscribe to 6 or 7 magazines. In fact, I was thinking the other day that many of the books on my bookshelves are just gathering dust: my first port of call when I need to know something is the Internet. It’s quicker, more fun, and I can cross-reference a lot more easily (especially with tools like Diigo, which I’ve only just started using…)

There are other blogs, etc. which I look at semi-regularly, of course, but the above constitute those sources I really wouldn’t be without! Has anyone any suggestions of must-visit websites that I’ve missed?

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