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Unexpected problems

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As per my previous post, I’m migrating my web hosting to (mt) this weekend. I hit an unexpected problem last night when a problem with my current web host for had some downtime due to a server outage. Even though it’s back up, isn’t working properly. Hence, I’m trying to get my head around the following:

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Macbook vs. my new laptop? No contest…

Apple vs. Acer logo 2

After being properly messed about by the Apple Store in Meadowhall, Sheffield and having received an extremely flaky Macbook that I had to take back 5 times, I’ve decided enough is enough. As soon as I get my replacement Macbook I’ll be selling it on eBay. Continue reading “Macbook vs. my new laptop? No contest…”

Macbook woes

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I’m having MAJOR problems with my Macbook at the moment. It’s on its third ‘logic board’ at the moment and has just died again. I’ve just spent c.45 mins with AppleCare trying to resolve the issue and have told them I want a refund. They’re going to contact the Apple Store in Meadowhall, Sheffield, to see if they’ll do just that. Continue reading “Macbook woes”