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Sidekiq: all your search belong to us

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(it’s quicker or more quickly you illiterate bunch!)

I love it when I come across something which changes the way that I do things that I do regularly online. For example, popurls – probably the most up-to-date site on the Internet – is now my home page, and I often direct my students to Clusty instead of Google due to its enhanced features.

I’ve just been reading the excellent Flux blog by the good people at Futurelab and in particular the post entitled What a great time to be alive!! by Tim Rylands. In it, he links to many great things, but in particular Sidekiq – a search engine on steroids:


Unfortunately, I can see this site being blocked in many schools/authorities as it lets users search for music, videos, etc. That would be a shame as it really is a one-stop-shop for pretty much anything you could possibly want. More digitally-literate students would have a field day, and less digitally-literate students could have all their results in one place!

Finally, and this is the killer feature for me, it integrates nicely into the Firefox search bar with one click. That’s it – Sidekiq is officially my search destination of choice…

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