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The BBC are Twittering


You may have noticed that next to the title of this blog there’s a little section where it tells you what I’m currently doing. This is powered by Twitter, a site which exists to answer the question ‘What are you doing?’. You can update your account as often as you wish by going to, texting a phone number, or sending a message via your IM account (MSN Messenger, AIM, GTalk, etc.)

At first I thought this was a bit frivolous, however not only is it addictive, but it keeps people up-to-date with what you’re doing, and you can also look back to see what you’ve been doing in a week (useful if you keep a semi-regular diary/journal).

Finally, you can ‘follow’ other members (i.e. see what they’re up to) or – with their permission – add them as ‘friends’. You can then get updates (via phone, IM or web) as to what they’re doing. I notice that the BBC have started using Twitter with short updates which you can get via the 3 methods mentioned above. Innovative use of new technologies? I like it…

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