Commoditising learning through the #flippedclassroom (or, the difference between education and training)

Ever since April 2010 when Karl Fisch first suggested what has eventually become known as ‘the flipped classroom’ I’ve been both attracted and repelled by the idea. For those who haven’t come across the concept, it’s a very simple one: the ‘transmission’ part of schooling happens at home through pre-recorded media (videos, podcasts, etc.) with […]

Weeknote #5

This week I have been mostly… Planning for planning I was asked to help put together the agenda for our upcoming quarterly planning meeting. This will be my first experience of the two-day events. I’ve proposed session titles including really bad puns – e.g. ‘Getting JISC-y with it’ and ‘Plone Ranger’ (Plone powers our website…) […]

My ‘Edonis’ interview with David Noble

David Noble, a Scottish educator with a long track record of innovative and supportive blogging and podcasting, interviewed me last month. He too is doing an Ed.D. and has interviewed me as part of it. :-)

Links to training sites/blogs from Jim Belshaw

Jim Belshaw (no relation that we’ve figured so far) has been so kind as to post some links to help me with my Ed.D. thesis over at his blog. His aim is to bridge the education/training divide (he is a ‘strategic consultant’ for business looking to improve their performance): 1. Learning Circuits Blog. This e-learning […]

Barriers to teachers’ use of ICT

There’s a report by BECTA from 2003 which reviews research looking at teachers’ uptake of ICT – Barriers and Enablers to Teachers’ Use of ICT The key barriers are identified as: Confidence, time and access to quality resources are major factors in determining teachers’ engagement with ICT. Recurring technical faults, and the expectation of faults […]