Because obviously I’m a male chauvinist pig.

Last week I keynoted the DeFT OER dissemination conference. I enjoyed the event, received good feedback afterwards and thought it was well-received. Certainly no-one raised any major issues either in the opportunities for question-and-answer, nor during the rest of the day when I was visible and around to talk to those in the audience. That’s […]



Yesterday I emailed some people who I thought would be interested in the Mozilla Festival. But then I realised, pretty much everyone who reads my blog would be (or should be!) interested in it. Seeking Educators Who Get the Web: Let’s work together at MozFest! If you’re an educator, instructor or student working at the […]

Two presentations (#TELIC1 & #iDragon) [VIDEO]

[If you’re reading this in an RSS reader or by email you may need to click through to view the embedded media] TELIC1: The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies from Doug Belshaw on Vimeo. I was asked to do virtually keynote for Sheffield Hallam University’s TELIC student conference. You can see the result here or […]

DML Conference 2012 (#DML2012) – my highlights

I’ve spent the last week in that weird and wonderful place that is San Francisco. Weird because, well, the number of homeless and obviously mentally ill is quite staggering. Wonderful due to the weather, friendliness of the people, and the obvious unstinting commitment to liberal democracy. My reason for being there was the Digital Media […]