Macbook vs. my new laptop? No contest…

Apple vs. Acer logo 2

After being properly messed about by the Apple Store in Meadowhall, Sheffield and having received an extremely flaky Macbook that I had to take back 5 times, I’ve decided enough is enough. As soon as I get my replacement Macbook I’ll be selling it on eBay.

Instead, I’ve bought an Acer Aspire AS5051AWXMi laptop for around a third of the price I paid for the Macbook (including interest on the finance deal). Have a look at the table below:

Laptop comparison - Macbook vs. Acer Aspire AS5051AWXMi

So what do I miss out on?

  • Some battery life (never mind – I’m usually near a plug socket)
  • Apple remote (I seldom use it)
  • Firewire port (have yet to have occasion to use this type of connection)
  • Bluetooth (a luxury rather than a necessity)
  • Webcam (a shame, but at least there’s a microphone for Skype!)
  • Gigabit ethernet (I’m only running 100Mbps at home anyway)

Whereas I gain…

  • c.£550
  • A card reader
  • More graphics memory
  • Expandability in terms of total RAM
  • An extra USB 2.0 port
  • S-video port
  • Extra screen real estate (14.1″ vs 13.3″)

So on the whole I’m satisfied I’ve got a good deal! :-)

Update: In the end I sold the Acer and kept the Macbook. I’m glad I did… 

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