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WordPress customization

Wordpress PluginsI’ve had a request via Skribit to share tips on how I’ve customized this blog using WordPress plugins and themes. Your wish is my command, as they say! In fact, I did something similar over at here. I still consider this blog a work in progress, but here’s how I’ve customized it so far…

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Hi, my name’s Doug Belshaw…

Doug Belshaw

Hi, my name’s Doug Belshaw. You may know me from such blogs as, Doug’s Ed.D. blog, and elsewhere. What you’re viewing is going to be a one-stop shop for DAJ Belshaw-related goodness from here on in. Well, apart from (my educational technology consultancy) of course…

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Unexpected problems

Lolcats - cheez

As per my previous post, I’m migrating my web hosting to (mt) this weekend. I hit an unexpected problem last night when a problem with my current web host for had some downtime due to a server outage. Even though it’s back up, isn’t working properly. Hence, I’m trying to get my head around the following:

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