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Hi, my name’s Doug Belshaw…

Doug Belshaw

Hi, my name’s Doug Belshaw. You may know me from such blogs as, Doug’s Ed.D. blog, and elsewhere. What you’re viewing is going to be a one-stop shop for DAJ Belshaw-related goodness from here on in. Well, apart from (my educational technology consultancy) of course…

Welcome to those who have joined us after my blogging hiatus at There were just less than 800 subscribed to that RSS feed so it will be interesting to see how many make the journey across here. šŸ˜€

Things aren’t exactly how I want them around here yet – I’m still settling in to my new digital home, really. Having separate blogs for teaching, my Ed.D., my personal life, etc. was a bit like staying over at friends’ houses: great in the short-term, but not a viable long-term proposition. It’s as though I’m no longer sleeping on the couch but I’ve now got my own place and am kitting out the various rooms. :p

So here at there’ll be four main sections:

I’ll talk about the reasons for my 6 week (education-related) blogging hiatus soon. For now, it’s enough to welcome old and new alike and to get things up-and-running before I go off to present with Futurelab at BETT 2008. šŸ™‚

Oh, and let me know of any issues/annoyances you face as you navigate around the site, please!

10 thoughts on “Hi, my name’s Doug Belshaw…

    1. Feel free to delete this comment after reading. ^_^
      I just wanna say, thank you for using my K2 style, and the modifications you’ve made are astounding. I also noticed you liked my tiled background! I’m flattered. šŸ˜€

  1. Good to have found your new home; I've also had a (complete) haitus in the past few weeks, and not touched a computer.

    Luckily the post announcing your move just appeared in Google Reader, just before i decided to delete all 1000+ unread messages!

    Happy New Year :)

    1. Thanks for all your kind words.

      @Andrew: The About page was initially going to be a static front page for the site, hence its current bizarreness. I decided to just get the whole thing live and sort it out later! The logo I think has to be a JPG for the random header script in the K2 theme to work. I shall investigate… :p

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