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Mobile phone projectors? Now we’re talking…

Mobile projector

Slashdot reports on a PC Pro article about the likelihood of mobile phone being launched with in-built projectors by the end of this year. Demonstrated at CES 2008 the technology developed by 3M should allow a 50″ VGA-quality image to be displayed at between 8-10 lumens.

Although they claim the projector can last for up to two hours on a standard mobile phone battery, it is envisaged that the main use will be for ‘impromptu presentations’. This could be great in education! Usually it’s the familiar story of fumbling over memory sticks at the start of student presentations these days. With one of these devices and a sensible mobile phone policy students could present wherever and whenever. It really would make the digital and physical world even more seamless: students would have the same technology in the pockets educators have been using to teach with! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Mobile phone projectors? Now we’re talking…

  1. I think this a great piece of kit for both students and teachers. Imagine those lessons where you project data on corridors, hallways and any blank flat place. Fantastic!

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