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Paul Stamatiou: the most productive person I (virtually) know

 Paul Stamatiou

For the last year and a bit I’ve been subscribed to the blog of 21-year-old wunderkid Paul Stamatiou’s blog. He’ll be graduating this academic year from Georgia Tech in the US and generally blogs about technology that’s cool/makes your life easier/enhances productivity.

Via an application called Skribit (the company behind which, incidentally he co-founded) readers asked him for a peek behind the curtain of the Wizard of Oz. He obliged in a post entitled Behind the Scenes. This is like a candy store for those wanting to become more productive using cool technology products.

Here’s some highlights:

  •  Store important data on Amazon S3. Paul says he has around 24.4GB of data stored here. It’s safe, secure and backed up off-site. He uses Transmit to transfer data.
  • All the pictures he takes are immediately uploaded to Flickr and deleted from his local machines. Paul has around 9,300 photos on Flickr!
  • Like myself, Paul’s rather enamoured with Spaces, the virtual desktop environment within OSX Leopard. He’s talked a while ago about why people can be more productive with a Mac.
  • Amazingly, he says he doesn’t subscribe to that many RSS feeds. You can grab Paul’s OPML file here.
  • A carefully-chosen yet extensive Twitter network has largely replaced RSS feeds, as many people are finding! (add me: I’m dajbelshaw)

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