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How to turn your Nokia phone into a wireless hotspot

JoikuSpotThere’s going to come a time in the next 10 years when wireless networks are available pretty much everywhere in the world. They’re also going to be free or so cheap you won’t even think about the cost of using them. In fact, I should imagine that for Ben, my one year-old son, he’ll never know any different.

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Google Phone


So it turns out that the rumours are probably true and that Google are making a mobile operating system to power mobile phones. No big surprises there – I already use their GMail and Google Maps application on my Nokia N95, whilst catching up with my RSS feed reading through the (mobile) web-based version of Google Reader. I’m pleased to see that the probable manufacturer for such a device would be HTC, maker of the SPV range of mobile phones that go under the Orange brand in the UK. Continue reading “Google Phone”

HOWTO: Nintendo DS & Orange Livebox

Nintendo DS & Orange Livebox

I didn’t even realise until this morning that you could play Nintendo DS games online. I knew you could use the wireless feature to play other people within, say, the same room, but was completely unaware of Nintendo WFC. Upon discovering this I became frustrated at my inability to connect via our Orange Livebox. What follows constitutes a solution for people experiencing similar problems…

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