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Is handwriting dead?

Flickr - handwritingEven as a teacher, I don’t have to write much in an average day. In fact, the most handwriting I ever do at a time is in my diary. That’s probably why, whilst it’s not GP-level indecipherable, it’s certainly not ‘neat’.

But then, on the other hand, last time I checked I could type around 80 words per minute on a keyboard. This is due to me having used a program called Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing when I was about 12 (it came free on the front of a computer magazine). Its games-based approach made learning to touch-type fun. It didn’t take many hours of practice for me to become fairly quick.

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HOWTO: Nintendo DS & Orange Livebox

Nintendo DS & Orange Livebox

I didn’t even realise until this morning that you could play Nintendo DS games online. I knew you could use the wireless feature to play other people within, say, the same room, but was completely unaware of Nintendo WFC. Upon discovering this I became frustrated at my inability to connect via our Orange Livebox. What follows constitutes a solution for people experiencing similar problems…

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