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There’s not a lot to see there yet, and I’ve a whole thesis on the matter to complete, but I’ve started a new place to collate thinking and resources about New Literacies.

You can find it at

I’d love for it to become a collaborative resource along the lines of Smart Mobs, so if you’ve got something to share, a post you’d like to write, or a desire to become a regular contributor, please do get in touch!

Ed.D. thesis restructure

As I mentioned last week in How not to write a thesis, mine isn’t the usual method by which you’d go about writing a doctoral thesis. Normally you’d read books like How to get a PhD and keep your findings to yourself until submission. I, on the other hand, have shared my findings at since pretty much the beginning and have kept the structure fluid throughout.

Now that I’ve written more than half of it, and given that I’ve got my first Skype meeting with my thesis supervisor in months soon, now’s the time to pin down a title and structure. So here an attempt:

What is ‘digital literacy’? A Pragmatic investigation.

  1. Introduction
  2. Problematising traditional (print) literacy
  3. The history of ‘digital literacy’
  4. The ambiguities of ‘digital literacy’
  5. Methodology
  6. New Literacies: a solution?
  7. But is it ‘literacy’?
  8. Digitality as policy
  9. Conclusion
  10. Bibliography

In a sense, of course, I’ll never be finished with this thesis. There’ll just be a time at which it’s advisable to submit (or they pry it from my RSI-riddled hands…) :-p

The ambiguity of new literacies [mindmap]

The great thing about having a weekly slot for my Ed.D. thesis on this blog is that it forces me to produce things that I would otherwise forget about or not action. One such thing is the above mindmap (click here to enlarge) – which I’ve produced to help me with the section of my thesis I’m currently writing on the ambiguity of new literacies. 🙂