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The ambiguity of new literacies [mindmap]

The great thing about having a weekly slot for my Ed.D. thesis on this blog is that it forces me to produce things that I would otherwise forget about or not action. One such thing is the above mindmap (click here to enlarge) – which I’ve produced to help me with the section of my thesis I’m currently writing on the ambiguity of new literacies. 🙂

4 thoughts on “The ambiguity of new literacies [mindmap]

  1. Thanks for this – it’s very useful. One approach is to try to eliminate ambiguity but it can be quite useful – allowing us to have a fresh start with people (maybe students) who find the term ‘literacy’ to be a turn off.

    1. Hi Neil, thanks for the comment. I would usually allow downloading, but in
      this particular case I’m going to write a journal article about it.

      I’m sure you understand. :-)

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