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Weeknote 22/2023

This week has been half-term for the kids. Hannah took the week off as it contained a Bank Holiday and she doesn’t work Fridays; so she got 10 days off in a row by only taking three holiday days.

I’m not sure why I bothered even trying to work, to be honest, especially as I took Monday and Friday off and attended a funeral for an elderly neighbour on Wednesday. All of this explains why I managed a total of 12.5 hours of work this week…

There was a lot of admin (invoicing, paying corporation tax, claiming back expenses, etc.) this week as we crossed the end of May / start of June boundary. I did get to do a bit of work on client projects, though, including launching the free How to set up a worker co-op email course over at

I also did a bit with Laura for Participate relating to their new platform, with John for the Wellbeing Economy Alliance relating to testing their new community platform, and with Ivan on some Bonfire UX stuff. I’ve also been working on transcripts for Season 6 of The Tao of WAO podcast, the first episode of which has just been released.

We’re into football trials month. Except, because it’s junior football, you have to call them ‘open sessions’. Our daughter is going to approximately a million of them, whereas our son switched basketball teams last week but is staying put for his football team. What with it being the middle of GCSE exams, I feel like parenting is my full-time job at the moment and I just work around it.

Next week is back to a bit of normality. Except, I suppose, my son is now on study leave so I’ll have to make sure he’s got some sort of routine…

Photo of Public Enemy #1: a Common Horse Chestnut tree near our house which seems to have a pollen machine-gun.

April Fools Day, Google-style…

I was going to come up with an elaborate April Fool’s joke via this blog – something about me giving up teaching to do something highly improbable. Thankfully, Google’s April Fool’s joke is both hilarious and philosophically interesting at the same time! 🙂

Here’s what you get when you go to login to GMail:

Google Custom Time

A confession: I have actually configured an email to make it look like I wrote it before I actually did. In fact, one of my ‘mates’ when I was about 17 managed to send a fake email from ‘me’ to himself about a girl. It was all to do with the settings in Microsoft Outlook, that bastion of excellence and security… :p

This isn’t the place to go into ruminations and reflections on the Philosophy of Space and Time course I did whilst studying towards my Philosophy degree at university. I’ll leave the last word, therefore, with Google’s ‘interviewees’:

Google Custom Time comments

What have you got up to this April Fool’s Day? Remember to be careful what you believe out there on t’Internet today, folks! 😀