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April Fools Day, Google-style…

I was going to come up with an elaborate April Fool’s joke via this blog – something about me giving up teaching to do something highly improbable. Thankfully, Google’s April Fool’s joke is both hilarious and philosophically interesting at the same time! 🙂

Here’s what you get when you go to login to GMail:

Google Custom Time

A confession: I have actually configured an email to make it look like I wrote it before I actually did. In fact, one of my ‘mates’ when I was about 17 managed to send a fake email from ‘me’ to himself about a girl. It was all to do with the settings in Microsoft Outlook, that bastion of excellence and security… :p

This isn’t the place to go into ruminations and reflections on the Philosophy of Space and Time course I did whilst studying towards my Philosophy degree at university. I’ll leave the last word, therefore, with Google’s ‘interviewees’:

Google Custom Time comments

What have you got up to this April Fool’s Day? Remember to be careful what you believe out there on t’Internet today, folks! 😀

2 thoughts on “April Fools Day, Google-style…

  1. We’ve been up to creating an Aprils Fools Logo! See normally we’re a car price comparison site – today we’re a site for compariing ‘rice-based fish foods” Carp Rice Checker! 😉

    Where’s all the rest though?? Google/Virgin have a new logo “Virgle”! see

  2. 35 teachers phoned in sick at 7.45 ish.

    The person in charge of cover fell for it. His line manager had been told though, so that he could say “actually, don’t cover these people”.

    Then they published a long long cover list of people who hadn’t been on ‘the list’ to get back the organiser. She fell for it and fessed up – and the cover bloke said that he had some costs to pay agencies for supply staff not required now (half price) and would consult with the head as to who to charge.

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