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April Fools Day, Google-style…

I was going to come up with an elaborate April Fool’s joke via this blog – something about me giving up teaching to do something highly improbable. Thankfully, Google’s April Fool’s joke is both hilarious and philosophically interesting at the same time! 🙂

Here’s what you get when you go to login to GMail:

Google Custom Time

A confession: I have actually configured an email to make it look like I wrote it before I actually did. In fact, one of my ‘mates’ when I was about 17 managed to send a fake email from ‘me’ to himself about a girl. It was all to do with the settings in Microsoft Outlook, that bastion of excellence and security… :p

This isn’t the place to go into ruminations and reflections on the Philosophy of Space and Time course I did whilst studying towards my Philosophy degree at university. I’ll leave the last word, therefore, with Google’s ‘interviewees’:

Google Custom Time comments

What have you got up to this April Fool’s Day? Remember to be careful what you believe out there on t’Internet today, folks! 😀