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Why do we use technology?

Disappointingly, but not wholly unexpectedly, England’s football team were knocked out of the 2010 World Cup by Germany at the weekend. Despite being beaten by a margin of three goals, loyal fans nevertheless bemoaned the fact that the referee made an erroneous decision by failing to notice that the ball had crossed Germany’s goal line.
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Twitter Fantasy Football

We’re back from Wales. I forgot to take our ‘proper’ camera and the one in my N95 has stopped working. So no pics – unless you want to look at some of the area on Flickr. We had a great end to the week, although Hannah and I were struck down with a bug almost immediately upon arrival and then it proceeded to rain for 3 days… 😮

Before I went away I mentioned on Twitter that it would be great if we could have a Twitter Fantasy Football league. Low and behold, @damian613 @iusher set it up and @tombarrett texted me whilst I was away to say it was going ahead.

If you’d like to get involved, get in touch and I’ll send you the details! 🙂

Here’s my team and the standings after the first games:

Doug's Fantasy Football Team - Borussia Munchonthat

TwitterVersus Fantasy League - standings after 1st games

Congratulations to Lisa, but there’s a lot of games left to play… :-p

That’s my boy!

My Dad and I went to see Sunderland vs. Arsenal yesterday. I bought the new shirt, and my parents kindly bought Ben his first Sunderland strip! 😀

A win at last!

Sunderland AFCI was at Villa Park, Birmingham, today to watch Aston Villa vs. Sunderland at the kind invitation of Ali Hall, a friend from church. The match ended 0-1: Sunderland’s first away win of the season, gaining some much-needed points to stay clear of the drop.

Below are some pictures of the day. Click on them to be taken to the larger versions on Flickr. 😀

03 01 02 04

Sunderland are now on 30 points with 7 games left:

Premier League table - bottom half

We’re not free from relegation worries by any means, but at least we’ve got a win under our belts and are not in the bottom 3! The final 7 games for Sunderland are:

  • 29 March – Sunderland vs. West Ham
  • 5 April – Fulham vs. Sunderland (a 6-pointer!)
  • 12 April – Sunderland vs. Manchester City
  • 20 April – Newcastle vs. Sunderland (local derby)
  • 26 April – Sunderland vs. Middlesbrough (another local derby)
  • 3 May – Bolton vs. Sunderland (another 6-pointer!)
  • 11 May – Sunderland vs. Arsenal

Not the easiest of run-ins, then, but I’m sure we can snag 6 points or so…

National Christian Football Festival 2007

JJB Soccerdome

Along with other members of my church, I attended the National Christian Football Festival (NCFF) 2007. This is a yearly event organised by Ambassadors in Sport, and I’ve been for the last couple of years. As we’re a bit of a motley crew who don’t play 11-a-side together, we usually meet with somewhat limited success. In fact, the Fair Play award is the only award we’ve been likely to win. Things changed a bit this year though…

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