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Weeknote 20/2022

It’s been a good week. And I say that despite composing this lying in bed feeling a bit rough with a sore throat and feeling a bit run-down. It’ll pass.

The football team I support, Sunderland, who have been languishing in the third tier of English football for the last few seasons, were promoted via the playoffs yesterday to the Championship. I’m considering a season ticket.

On Thursday, I participated in an online panel session about the Open Skills Network and Open Recognition. The recording can be found here (backup). I used an image from Bryan Mathers as to explain the difference between credentialing and recognition. It’s also featured in this related blog post and I’ve included it below.

Person holding trophy (credential) being lifted on shoulders by two team-mates (recognition)
CC BY-ND Bryan Mathers

This was particularly apt this week, not only because of Sunderland’s exploits, but because my son won most improved player of the season at his team’s presentation evening last night. To me, this is fantastic recognition of the work he’s put in, both stepping up two leagues and coming back from injury. I’m proud of him.

I’ve been doing the usual client work this week, plus some additional business development and chats over virtual coffee. It was the second week of the Sociocracy facilitators course I’m doing, and I spent Thursday at the Thinking Digital conference. I didn’t have as good a time there as usual, and wrote this to help process why.

Last week, I managed to buy a PlayStation 5. It’s now a full 18 months after the console originally came out, but the pandemic and supply chain issues have made them difficult to obtain. I had to select a bundle deal that I wouldn’t necessarily have chosen… but, hey, it’s here! I’m impressed; it’s so fast and I finally get 4K graphics on the big screen in my office! We’re keeping the PS4 as well.

Exercise-wise, I’ve been in a good routine of three gym sessions, two runs, one swim, and one yoga session per week… until Friday. I got out of the pool halfway through as I was exhausted. It turns out I was coming down with something, and so have just been in recovery mode over the weekend.

We’re off out for Sunday dinner this afternoon despite three of us feeling sub-par. Then it’s the excitement of the final Premier League games of the season. Gaming tonight with the Sunday Surfers crew. So today should be a good one, if I keep myself dosed-up on ibuprofen!

Next week, we’ve got our monthly co-op day, and then I feel like Laura and I will probably get into our stride a bit more after we’ve both had some time off. I don’t have any more travel booked now until The Badge Summit in early August.

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