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Weeknote 23/2024

A tight-knit circle of football players' arms reaching in, each with a red 'PLAYER' wristband, symbolizing team unity at a tournament.

I’ve left writing this to Sunday afternoon so that I could report on two things I hoped would happen around the same time… and I was correct! I’ve just hit submit on my latest MSc assignment, and my daughter’s football team, have met with success Barcelona Girls Cup. They finished third, which is an incredible achievement as most of them were playing a year up against teams coming from all over Europe. Their striker even won the golden boot! So proud of them.

I’ve been at home with my son. We could have gone with my wife and daughter, but at the time of booking we weren’t sure about his exam dates, so we’ve been involved in the excitement vicariously through photos and videos! We’ve had a remarkably chill time for the few days that they’ve been away and have had my parents over. In fact, weirdly, I think the experience has made the house we moved to a few weeks ago feel more like home.

Work-wise, I’ve been working on the DCC project, having some interesting conversations, and doing some business development. Things are so quiet that I’ve resorted to applying to jobs, and have an interview for a couple of interesting ones in the coming weeks. Neither would give me the freedom I’m used to, though. We’ll see.

I posted a bunch of things relating to my MSc studies, as well on Thought Shrapnel. Over on the WAO blog we published A Compendium of Credentialing, which is a curated list of posts we’ve written around Open Badges, Verifiable Credentials, and Open Recognition.

Next week, my wife and daughter will be back home, and I’ll be taking the latter to trials for Newcastle Emerging Talent Centre and East Northumberland. Given that she received the Outstanding Player of the Season award for the latter last season, I think she’s probably already in the squad 😉

Photo of my daughter’s team

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