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Pimp your 5g iPod Video to look like an iPod Touch

Pimped iPodApple always manage to improve on the interface for their products with each incarnation. It leaves those who have bought previous models lusting after the newest model. However, there’s always custom firmware! Here’s how to pimp your 5g iPod Video to look very special… 😀

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How to upgrade your Nokia N95 to v12.x firmware and make it a whole lot better

Nokia N95

A couple of weeks ago I wanted to upgrade the firmware on my Nokia N95 after I’d read lots of blog posts saying how wonderful the new version was. In fact, some said it was like having a new phone! Unfortunately, I managed to re-install the same firmware over the top of my existing one and lose all of my contacts and settings in the process! 😮

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How to get a GPS fix quicker on the Nokia N95

Nokia N95 sat-nav

Nokia have released a service known as Assisted GPS (A-GPS) leading to quicker first satellite fixes for phones with inbuilt GPS such as the Nokia N95. It works by positioning via GPRS which means that data connection charges apply. After backing up your phone’s data to a memory card, you’ll need to head over to the Nokia Software Update site for more information. Read more →