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How to create engaging video starters without any creative talent using Animoto

Students inhabit a visually-rich, media-driven world. Sometimes, as educators with limited time on our hands, it’s difficult to compete. Animoto is an easy-to-use and extremely powerful way of creating short videos to grab students’ interest. Better still, it’s free for educational use!

Follow the guide below to get started… 🙂

Here’s a video I produced using Animoto in an attempt to encourage more Year 9’s to opt for GCSE History:

Animoto now free for educators

I’ve been a paid-up user of Animoto for a few months now, ever since I saw how powerful it’s behind-the-scenes trickery was. I blogged about its potential over at, providing a sample video that I used to encourage more Year 9 students to opt for History next academic year.

I’m delighted to discover, therefore, that Animoto is now free for educators. It’s a fantastic and engaging way to introduce a topic, present photos of a trip, or allow your students to have some fun! 😀

Animoto rocks! Here’s proof…

I love Animoto. For those of you who didn’t catch the buzz at the end of 2007 then it’s an amazing web app that produces professional-looking videos from pictures and audio you provide. At Christmas I had a play around with the 30 seconds worth of video they give you with a free account, but today went the whole hog and spent $30 (just over £15) on going unlimited for one year.

I’ve felt properly rough today so have been off school, but at least I’ve been productive. Look at (part of) what I’ve produced to try and tempt our Year 9’s to GCSE History next year! 😀